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Subject: Re: Example Scenarios Used Within the Aerospace Industry

> Although the data details are EDI X12 oriented, the business process
> scenarios would apply to any data format standard. Therefore, I suggest
> members of this list at least look at the "business example" documents
> available from the following URL:  --
> http://www.aia-aerospace.org/edi/implcon.cfm
> For starters, I suggest looking at the purchase order business example
> is particularly useful. Portions of it could provide a model that this
> might find useful.


Thanks for the suggestion on the AIA website for EDI transactions. May I
suggest that we look into following development issues:

1. Converting X12 implementation conventions into ebXML message service
and related business process modifications

2. Requirements for converting existing EDI software, and possible
    a. using X12 payloads over a ebXML messaging service structure only
    b. incorporating ebXML core components
    c. business process re-engineering

Eric Chiu

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