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Subject: Re: Which documents to start with?


The content of the messages sent using the ebXML
infrastructure is not defined by ebXML. This was never a
goal of the ebXML initiative. Rather, it is intended
that the content (business payload) be defined by the
various industry vertical organizations defining
vocabularies such as RosettaNet, OTA, HL7, OAG, etc... 

Of course, individual enterprises/vendors are also
free to define their own (possibly proprietary) 
message sets as they see fit.

The Architecture specification should probably be read first.
It puts the other specifications into context and might
suggest to you where to go next.



homas Gagne wrote:
> I've visited http://www.ebxml.org and have always ended-up wondering where the
> specifications for the actual message contents are, and if there's any sample
> data I can try parsing.  There seems to be a lot of documentation but I'm
> having trouble finding what I need to either read and understand ebXML or
> create ebXML messages.
> --
> .tom
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