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Subject: Re: WSFL, IBM, and WSDL

I collected a few references to WSFL, perhaps of

"Web Services Flow Language (WSFL)"

Robin Cover


On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Dave Kuhlman wrote:

> I found this article about IBM submitting a proposal for WSFL to
> W3C:
> http://iwsun4.infoworld.com/articles/fe/xml/01/06/04/010604feedge.xml
> I did not see any mention of ebXML.  Is this part of the ebXML plan
> or is IBM going off on its own proprietary thing here?
> It sounds like WSFL is intended to describe business processes and
> sequences of BPs.  Am I right about that?
> And, is WSFL related to WSDL?  If so, could someone give a
> comparison of these two.
> Whew!  I wish there were a glossary someplace to enable me to learn
> all these acronyms.  It would be nice if we had a glossary of terms
> and acronyms and if each entry in the glossary contained references
> to the ebXML specifications and reports which discussed that item.
>   - Dave
> -- 
> Dave Kuhlman
> dkuhlman@rexx.com
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