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Subject: WSFL, IBM, and WSDL

I found this article about IBM submitting a proposal for WSFL to


I did not see any mention of ebXML.  Is this part of the ebXML plan
or is IBM going off on its own proprietary thing here?

It sounds like WSFL is intended to describe business processes and
sequences of BPs.  Am I right about that?

And, is WSFL related to WSDL?  If so, could someone give a
comparison of these two.

Whew!  I wish there were a glossary someplace to enable me to learn
all these acronyms.  It would be nice if we had a glossary of terms
and acronyms and if each entry in the glossary contained references
to the ebXML specifications and reports which discussed that item.

  - Dave

Dave Kuhlman

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