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Subject: RE: ebXML for the SME


Interesting observation. But when did difficult or hard to do ever stop MS
from marching forward? But, his comments certainly serve to clearly identify
why the SDO's haven't been able to achieve this noble goal.

On the other hand, I would think that developing a data model for a given
business process isn't that difficult since the whole effort is now scoped
with clearly defined boundaries (hopefully!!!!) This of course, presumes
that the business process model was developed!

Rachel Foerster
Rachel Foerster & Associates, Ltd.
Strategies for Electronic Commerce
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Beach Park, IL 60099
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Subject: Re: ebXML for the SME

   From: "Rachel Foerster" <rachelf@ix.netcom.com>
   To: <ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org>

   > "Perhaps the most far-reaching project in Raikes' group could be
thought of
   > as the business equivalent of the human genome project. Norm Judah, a
   > president who once managed Microsoft's computer infrastructure, leads a
   > that is trying to develop a schematic of every conceivable activity and
   > interaction that any business might require, both internally and with
   > customers and suppliers.

   > Though Judah's project is still a long way from completion, his boss,
   > Vaskevitch, sees it as the linchpin in Microsoft's strategy to lead the
   > transformation of IT.

It is ironic that Vaskevitch should be advocating a strategy of
"developing a schematic of every conceivable activity and interaction
that any business might require".  In Vaskevitch's book "Client/Server
Strategies", he devotes extensive space to explaining why "building a
complete data model that represents all information used by an entire
large corporation is very hard, maybe even impossible" (see Chapter
9).  If it's so hard to model data within a single company, how hard
might it be to model "every conceivable activity and interaction"
between not just mahy companies within an industry but even across all

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