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Subject: UN/CEFACT's Proposal for a New Electronic Business Working Group

This message is send on behalf of Ray Walker (Chair, UN/CEFACT Steering Group)

19 June 2001

Dear Colleague,

UN/CEFACT's Proposal for a New Electronic Business Working Group

As you may know, following the successful outcome of the Vienna ebXML
meeting, and the agreement to allocate the responsibilities for the further
development of ebXML specifications between UN/CEFACT and OASIS, the
UN/CEFACT Steering Group met and took a decision, to propose the
establishment of a new UN Working Group - the Electronic Business Working
Group (ebWG) - that will bring together the Business Process Analysis
Working Group, the UN/EDIFACT Working Group, and the Codes working Group,
and incorporate the work arising out of ebXML for which UN/CEFACT is
responsible for.

To progress the detailed planning required for the new Group the CSG also
established a subgroup (the E-Business Team), which includes CSG members
with e-Business experience and the Chairs of the all of the relevant Groups.
The E-Business Team has now produced a detailed paper "Progressing the
UN/CEFACT e-Business Standards Development Strategy" setting out the
notional description of the structure of the proposed E-Business Working
Group and its likely responsibilities, and it also attached to this mail. I
shall be grateful if you could ensure a wide distribution of this paper.

The CSG believes that the September Rotterdam EWG meeting (10-14 September
2001) provides the perfect platform for starting the moves to the new
structure. Therefore, the E-Business team will continue its wide spread
consultation on the most effective way of organising the new group, develop
a draft mandate and terms of reference for provisional approval at the next
CSG meeting in early September, (also in Rotterdam) and work to identify,
using best practice procurement techniques, potential organisations which
could provide, under UN guidelines, support and administrative services to
the new group. 

To keep you informed of these developments I shall write to you again in a
few weeks time. 

Yours sincerely

Ray Walker
Chair, UN/CEFACT Steering Group

Tel: London, + 44 208 297 1836; Brussels, + 32 2 660 2039; 
Mobile, + 44 78666 86185. 

Klaus-Dieter Naujok                     UN/CEFACT/TMWG Chair
IONA Technologies, Santa Clara, CA, Chief Scientific Officer

CSGeB forward strategy FV 6-16-01.pdf

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