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Subject: RE: ebXML Repository

You'll find it under http://www.ebxml.org/specs/index.htm in the White Paper

Kind regards / Mit freundlichen Gruessen
Thomas Becker

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From: kotaro.ooishi@unisys.co.jp [mailto:kotaro.ooishi@unisys.co.jp]
Sent: Freitag, 22. Juni 2001 08:37
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: Re: ebXML Repository


I don't know the following valuable document related to
UDDI/ebXML linkage. This is described in the last version
of ebXML Registry Services Specification v1.0, page 13.


Kotaro Ooishi.

At 16:38 01/06/21 +0900, you wrote:
> >Hi All!
> >I am a student and I am working on my dissertation project at
> >the moment. The scope of the project is to evaluate different
> >technologies that are used to deploy B2B transaction scenarios.
> >Mainly I am about to evaluate ebXML, Biztalk and UDDI.
> >As my reading is progressing, more doubts have been cleared and of
> >course I realise the complexity of the ebXML framework. As I
> >have  a short time to implement a piece of software, I decided
> >to narrow the scope of my project in just analysing how an ebXML
> >registry can be accessed by searching in the registry and
> >retrieving the documents that are stored in the registry.
> >Also I would like to implement and analise how UDDI can find
> >ebXML reg/reps. From a USER Application point of view,(As far
> >as I understand) I need to develop a program which might be
> >developed in Java that uses certains APIs to discover or search
> >enterprises in the registry, and if it is of my interest then
> >I will retrieve the enterprises's documents. This is only from
> >the point of view of accessing a repository.
> >But then I ask myself on how to use UDDI to find an ebXML repository.
> >This makes me believe that this feature needs to be implemented
> >at the repository level as repository features, which might be
> >very complex for the scope of my project.
> >I would really appreciate If someone can tell me wheather I am
> >on the right track or I am just talking nonsense. Also I have
> >read that UDDI and ebXML can complement each other, but I don't
> >understand how they can complement.
> >Best Regards,
> >Roberto.
>The following is just IMHO.
>By UDDI registory specification, we can describe business information
>(White Page), services information of the business(Yellow Page) and
>technical infomation of the service(Green Page). tModel may have a
>URL to Model specification used by services.
>The concrete Model will be RosettaNet PIP, the industry specific XML
>schema, and WDSL file, etc.
>I think it is a philosophy that UDDI registry  does not contain the
>spefification information of Model itself.
>PIP and XML schema may be stored in the public repsitory such as
>XML.org、Biztalk.org. On the other hand, WSDL file for specific service
>will be hold incompany's private file in web server.
>By the way, I think that ebXML registory & repository specification
>has not concrete XML schema for describing business and service, mamely
>White Page and Yellow Page.  And also, it has not XML schema for
>describing technical information of service(Green Page) .
>Only, there is an abstract XML schema (Meta Model) such as general
>repository schema.
>In CPP&CPA, I can find the XML schema for describing technical
>information of service interface. I think CPP is corresponding or
>nealy equal to part of green page's information of UDDI and/or WSDL.
><UDDI linking with ebXML>
>So, tModel instance of UDDI may have a URL of CPP file in ebXML public
>registory & repository or company's private server.
>By now, I don't know ebXML public registory & repository site in
>production, though DISA recently announced that they will be such
>site in near future.
>(Again, this is IMHO)
>Kotaro Ooishi.
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The ebxml-dev list is sponsored by OASIS.
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