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Subject: RE: The initial ebXML business vocabulary - A call for a list ofcandidates

> Robert Miller:
> >IMO, the solution to the SME problem lies not in EDI, nor in XML.  Both
> of
> >these 'solutions' are not 'solutions' at all - they are simply middleware
> >interfaces.  The SME problem will be resolved only when key end user
> >applications seamlessly interface across businesses large, medium and
> small
> >(employing applications from a variety of vendors and users) to effect
> >business transactions. 
> Wow!  Well said!  I'm with you!
	[Mervyn Colton]  <snip>
> I don't mean to sound pessimistic, I think it's clear what to do.
> Regards,
> Bob Haugen
	What has been said above is very true, but we are at a chicken and
egg stage. There are many companies developing software (we are one of them)
that would like to develop interfaces to allow colaboration and swaping of
orders, invoices etc. Until the data formats for this information is
deffined, we cannot write the software......



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