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Subject: ebXML Core Components Schema?

Back in April there was a lively discussion on the ebxml-core mailing list about the prospects of generating a Core Components Schema from the Core Components UML Model.  Did anything come of this discussion?
Context: For one of our clients I've defined a schema for a PaymentOrder business document (based on X12 820) referencing the mythical ebXML Core Components schema... only to discover that it truly is mythical.  I'd hate to have to spend a day hand generating the ebXML CC schema.  I'd hate even more to do so and discover I got it wrong *and* wasted my time.  On the other hand, if that is my lot in life, I will at least post my results back on the mailing list.
Status folks?

Brian D. Handspicker
Engineering Director
Foliage Software Systems, Inc.

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