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Subject: Re: ebXML Core Components Schema?


Please expect that XML Global will have up a public ebXML Registry
within 20 days (if no further bugs found).  Please forward me your
document and I will start placing it into the ebXML CC Schema format we
are wanting to try.

You are right - it is mythical and it will be left to implementors to
decide what works and what doesn't.  I have a format that seems to work
for now and will forward it to the public very soon and explain it.  My
hope is that we will discover very quickly if its' broken and if it is, 
we can fix it together.  That is what this list is intended for -
defining best practices as placeholders for the gaps in ebXML.

Mike Rawlins has been asking me for it too and i apologize publicly to
him for not getting it out sooner but I have some internal IP issues I
have to iron out.  Please trust me on this. 


Duane Nickull

> Brian Handspicker wrote:
> Back in April there was a lively discussion on the ebxml-core mailing
> list about the prospects of generating a Core Components Schema from
> the Core Components UML Model.  Did anything come of this discussion?
> Context: For one of our clients I've defined a schema for a
> PaymentOrder business document (based on X12 820) referencing the
> mythical ebXML Core Components schema... only to discover that it
> truly is mythical.  I'd hate to have to spend a day hand generating
> the ebXML CC schema.  I'd hate even more to do so and discover I got
> it wrong *and* wasted my time.  On the other hand, if that is my lot
> in life, I will at least post my results back on the mailing list.
> Status folks?
> bd
> --
> Brian D. Handspicker
> Engineering Director
> Foliage Software Systems, Inc.
> bhandspicker@foliage.com
> 1-781-993-5500
> www.foliage.com

Duane Nickull, CTO - Founder
XML Global Technologies, Inc.

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