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Subject: Re: An ebXML RegRep Preview Version 1.0 downloadable from Sun


My understanding of the purpose of the ebxml-dev list is that
it was established to provide a forum for developers
of the ebxml specifications. 


It would be nice to see more technical discussions on this list
rather than the religious debates about how many angels fit on
the head of a pin that we have been seeing mostly;-)



Welsh, David" wrote:
> From  http://www.sun.com/software/xml/developers/regrep/  and costs $00.00 !!
> "This first implementation from Sun is based on the Java[tm] 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE[tm]) technology. This Registry/Repository implementation can be used to submit, store, retrieve, and manage resources to facilitate ebXML-based business-to-business partnerships and transactions.
> Submitted information may be, for example, XML schema and documents, business process descriptions, business context descriptions, UML models, business collaboration information, Core Components, or even software components. The Registry/Repository implementation uses EJB[tm] technology, which
> reduces development complexity while providing automatic support for middleware services such as database connectivity, transaction management, scalability, and security."
> 2 calendar months since Vienna. Not bad.
> It might be nice if there's a seperate list for ebXML RegRep Technical Implemetation Debates (like UDDI has been running on Yahoo) to let the developer/implementors 'vent themselves' as they try to implement ebXML RegRep; something which I believe Duane Nickull has already suggested a while back.
> Enjoy.
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