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Subject: Binary attachments


I'm looking on ebXML Schemes for medical messages, which will contain
binary data. 

How are binary attachments put into an XML message, can it be sent _without_
converting the binary data to 7bit ASCII as a typical MIME-attachments (as
with use of SOAP)?

The messages will probably be sent by SMTP and/or X400 (depends on the user
Can attachments use another protocol, ie. FTP? Or is it preferable to send
it all over,
let's say, SOAP?

I hope you understand what I'm asking about ;-)


Espen Stranger Seland
Consultant @ http://www.kith.no
Norwegian Centre for Medical Informatics

Phone	+47 98 21 68 29
Fax	+47 23 33 09 65
Home	+47 22 59 89 69

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