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Subject: Re: Binary attachments


The ebXML Message Service specification describes this.
The encapsulation envelope of an ebxml message is a MIME
multipart/related container. The first body part is the
ebXML SOAP Envelope. Subsequent body parts of the
message are attachments. The only time you need to worry
about content encoding as 7bit ascii is for transmission
via SMTP, although to be honest, most MTAs these days support
8bit. Since you suggest that the messages are likely to be
sent via SMTP, then I would suggest that you encode the binary data
as 7bit using base64 or something similar.

SOAP in and of itself is not a transport protocol. It needs
to be layered upon something like HTTP ort SMTP


Espen Seland wrote:
> Newbie-Q:
> I'm looking on ebXML Schemes for medical messages, which will contain
> binary data.
> How are binary attachments put into an XML message, can it be sent _without_
> converting the binary data to 7bit ASCII as a typical MIME-attachments (as
> with use of SOAP)?
> The messages will probably be sent by SMTP and/or X400 (depends on the user
> systems).
> Can attachments use another protocol, ie. FTP? Or is it preferable to send
> it all over,
> let's say, SOAP?
> I hope you understand what I'm asking about ;-)
> Regards,
> Espen
> --
> Espen Stranger Seland
> Consultant @ http://www.kith.no
> Norwegian Centre for Medical Informatics
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> Home    +47 22 59 89 69
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