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Subject: Rosetta Net PIPs modeled as ebXML BPSS Instance document samples?

I know that folks within RosettaNet are working on modeling PIPs as ebXML BPSS as part of the evolution of RNIF. Could anyone involved provide me with a few sample ebXML Business Specification instance documents that map, as best they can, to RosettaNet PIPs. Next week we will be presenting a poc demonstration at a CompTIA meeting in the UK and while we have a number of business processes modeled that we can use, it would be quite relevant for the audience if we could also show this interesting alignment.
If anyone can help us out here it would be most appreciated.
Bind Systems
Guinness Enterprise Centre
Taylor's Lane
Dublin 8
Phone: (+353 1) 410 0668
Fax: (+353 1) 410 0602
Web: www.bindsys.com
Email: dr@bindsys.com

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