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ebxml-dev message

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Subject: ebXML implementation

thanks to all feedback from group members.
We`ve written a user guide including the demo scenario and put it on the 
project web site. You can reach it from 

You can unzip sources by using WinZip on Windows, and by the following
on unix:
gunzip < ebXMLsrdc_src_v_1.0.tar.gz | tar xvf -

You don't need to open binaries, you will use it as it is. However, the 
binaries can be opened using WinZip on Windows, and using "unzip" command
on unix.

We welcome any more feedback on the implementation and the ebXML standards

As there is no definition or standard of an ebXML compliant server
(thanks to Duane Nickull) we made our definition as:
An ebXML server is one which can execute related (legacy) applications at
each step of a BPSS and support the CPA details at technical level.
And the same server should send only messages or business documents that
conform the ebXML MS specification.
There are more steps a B2B server should take one of which is 
dynamically locating the partner through a regisrty but our server
does not yet support this step.


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