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Subject: Answer: XML Map - Invoice

Hello All,

Thanks for taking the time to look at my .xml and .dtd files.  Deepak
Kenchamba was able to give me an explanation to my problem.  Listed below
is the answer to my problem and the original problem.  I am also attaching
the correct .dtd files.  I have since been able to create the source model
and have started my mapping of the XML document.

Courtney Brown

Hi cobrown,
I found a few anomalies in your .dtd files seems like you've tried saving
the .dtds off the browser. They had html doctype declarations along with a
few tags, which is a fatal error. Your xml document was clean, though.
Please find attached all the clean files, which i was able to verify across
the Apache xerces parser, and found valid.
Also, please let me know, if my efforts have been of help to you. I'd
sincerely appreciate, a reply.

Deepak Kenchamba (dkenchamba@hotmail.com)
free-lance Java Programmer,
Bangalore, India

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                    09/13/2001           Subject:     XML Map - Invoice                                            
                    08:10 AM                                                                                       

Hello All,

I have been given the task to create an XML map using GE GXSs Application
Integrator.  I have created XML maps using this product in the past, but
this particular .dtd and .xml file are not normal.  Can someone take a look
at the attachments I am including below and let me know if you can see what
the difference is in the .dtd and .xml and why the translator is saying
these documents do not match.  This could be a very simple answer, but I
have been looking at this for too long and really need another set of eyes.

Thanks in advance for your help.


Courtney R. Brown, Sr. E-Business Developer
Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc.
3715 Northside Parkway, Bldg. #400/6th Floor
Atlanta, GA 30327
404-504-6483     404-504-6386 fax     877-383-9964 pager

(See attached file: NAXML-DataDictionary.dtd)(See attached file:
NAXML-BusDoc.dtd)(See attached file: CStoreInvoice.xml)




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