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Subject: Re: How is ebXML Implementation going?

From: Hyungjoon Kim
>I want to implement prototype integrating workflow and ebXML.

Please describe a little more about what you want to do.

>When companies want to use ebXML message processing system,
>        Implementing registry and repository in industrial organization
must go first.

Why do you think registry and repository must go first?
(Which is another way of asking what you want to do.)

>what's the main issue in developing ebXML-compatible software up to now.

That is a very good question.  Here are my current ideas, but
I'd be interested to read others:
1. Message Handler software
2. Agreement on document formats with trading partners
3. Agreement on CPPA-BPSS with trading partners
4. CPPA-BPSS Business Transaction level software
5. Integration with internal business application software
6. BPSS-UMM Business Collaboration level software
7. Reg/Rep

The above is based on doing electronic business transactions,
e.g. orders.  Again, it depends on what you want to do, and
I make no claims that my list is correct.  It's just to contribute
to a discussion.

-Bob Haugen

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