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Subject: RE: real life problem

You might ask why the customer is resistant to using a VAN.  Most of these services are now pretty inexpensive considering what you get.  You can get PC based EDI software pretty inexpensively if you have low volumes.  If you have high volumes of documents, the payback is fairly rapid.
Andy Zajaczkowski
Raytheon E-Commerce  

972.344.2627 (Fax)
Raytheon Company

Information Technology
M/S 253
P.O. Box  660246
Dallas, TX 75266 USA

"Pedro E. González Santini" <pgonzalez@compuserve.com>

10/01/01 02:40 PM
Please respond to pgonzalez

        To:        elimbeek@norcron.com, ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
        Subject:        RE: real life problem


Since we operate a VAN ourselves, we are possibly biased, but if the
supplier is demanding EDI formats, either translation software or a service
is required.  Something has to be between your client (perhaps using XML)
and the supplier (using EDI).  Although we expect XML use to increase
sharply in the future, EDI is a simpler and faster way to go, particularly
if one of the two companies already has an EDI operation in place.

Perhaps the supplier might agree to send EDI data directly to your client
(via e-mail or ftp, without a VAN) but once you receive it it is still in
EDI format and must be translated to XML or whichever format you need to
integrate it with your client's order entry system.  XEDI (www.xedi.org)
provides for simple XML-EDI translation, without all the business rules
surrounding XML data formats.  Also, every EDI document received should be
acknowledged with another outgoing EDI confirmation; programming  this
without a proper translator can be difficult and not worth the time.

Some VANS, including ours in Puerto Rico, use the Internet as a connection
method and add VPN and other security.  This avoids proprietary connections
but it is still not "free."  Some VANs or service bureaus offer Web-based
forms for low-volume users and on-network translation from one format to
another.  These solutions can be attractive, but only if the forms or maps
exist or can be developed at a reasonable cost.

Perhaps a low-cost translator and VAN are your best option for now.  Good

Pedro E González Santini
INFOMAX Corp./Precoms Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Tel 787.754.7654

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Subject: real life problem


I've been reading postings on this list for a while, but have never posted.
I am a babe in the woods on some of this stuff, so please bear with me. I
have a real life problem with a customer and need some direction/ideas.

Customer has been told by supplier they will only do business via EDI. (hvac
industry). Customer does not want to sign up with an EDI VAN but would
rather come up with an XML based solution using the Internet. The only
transactions to be performed are the standard purchasing ones ie order,
acknowledgement, shipment etc.
Is there a way to do this today without hooking up with an EDI VAN?.

Any ideas?


Eric Limbeek
Norcron, Inc
3700 Mansell Road, Suite 220
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(404) 459-6500 X 103 / (404) 459-6506 (Fax)

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