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Subject: Re: web services uber alles? [was] Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: ebXML deliveries

Welsh, David wrote:

> There's more business service level details typically involved with a business collaboration 

that what's going to be captured in any CPP or agreed to CPA. The CP? is a technical layer 

convention, where as you mention later it's business driving details are declared later. 

 > Actually the BP schema is only a very very simple manifestation of 
the true business collaboration as being defined by the bounds of the 
UMM; and as we discovered this past week @ eBTWG the BPSS v1.0 is kinda 
'in need of immediate first-aid repair'. Still, even with a repaired 
BPSS  I'd caution any
 > software maker who is *only* look at the BPSS as a runtime instance, 
that they're not looking at capturing the entire BP model and where 
ebXML/eBTWG is heading off to.


Ignoring the Web services bit for a moment,  are you saying that the 
ebXML metamodel is incapable of capturing the business collaboration 
defined within the bounds of UMM?  Or are you saying that UMM is too 
restrictive to capture all of the business collaborations?

Accepting that BPSS is a runtime artifact expressed in XML,  if it has 
links back to its' parent(s?), a UML model(s), can't the person 
examining the BPSS follow the reference back to the model?

<LoadedQuestion>Or is it broken? (In your opinion).</LoadedQuestion>


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