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Subject: RE: web services uber alles? [was] Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: ebXML deliveries

> Ignoring the Web services bit for a moment,  are you saying that the 
> ebXML metamodel is incapable of capturing the business collaboration 
> defined within the bounds of UMM?  Or are you saying that UMM is too 
> restrictive to capture all of the business collaborations?

Well actually, the ebXML metamodel is the UMM, and there is structure to support Business Collaborations. Last week at the eBTWG meetings we related Business Collaborations Patterns and how we expect Monitorable Commitments get represented back in the current UMM model structure. We also expect
there will be some editorial changes to the current UMM (R10); which is supposed to already be loaded onto the http://www.ebtwg.org site but I don't see it up yet !??

> Accepting that BPSS is a runtime artifact expressed in XML,  
> if it has 
> links back to its' parent(s?), a UML model(s), can't the person 
> examining the BPSS follow the reference back to the model?
> <LoadedQuestion>Or is it broken? (In your opinion).</LoadedQuestion>
<Answering_LoadedQuestion>Why do you think there's a rush on and about 140 change requests already, to make a BPSS 1.1 fix the BPSS that's out there right now ? Let alone get a new BPSS 2.0 going.</Answering_LoadedQuestion> 


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