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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Some question about MultiParty collaboration'sChoreography in BPSS

Dear all,
I am a beginner in ebXML. After I read through the ebXML Business Process 
Specification Schema, I cannot understand the choreography in MultiParty 
Collaboration, especially when I read on the sample in Appendix A. Here is
1) In my understanding, multiparty collaboration should be created base on
the binary collaboration, so I expected that the choreography of
MulitParty collaboration should show the ordering of the binary
collaborations. However, in thedocument, the choreography is specified by
Transition, which tells the linkage between states, why there is such an

2) I believed that the choreography can show up which one will start the 
collaboration, but in the sample in Appendix A, I cannot see the ordering
of the document flow in MultiParty Collaboration "DropShip", even I cannot
understand which role will start this multiparty collaboration. Can anyone
tell me?

3) In the sample in Appendix A, it specify there is a Transition from
"Create Order" to "Check Credit" in BusinessPartnerRole "Retailer". Does
it means that when a customer make a Binary Collaboration "Product
Fulfillment", after the "Create Order" finish, the Retailer can choose to
jump to Check Credit state, rather than Notify Shipment state?

4) In the sample in Appendix A, does it means that the "Customer" can make
a Binary Collaboration "Inventory Status" with "Dropship Vendor"? If we look
at the authorizedRole on "Customer" and "Dropship Vendor", they can perform such
job, isn't it strange?


Bob Koon

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