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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: OASIS Members to Develop Universal Business Language

Some rebuttals..

Gregory, Arofan wrote:

> Anyone who 
> wants to produce an ebXML Core-Components-compliant vocabulary is free 
> to do so (including OASIS) - isn't that what the spec is for?

I completely agree.  It should be pointed out that if I, as a user of 
ebXML, do not want to use the stock set of core components,  I could 
build and use my own.  There are plenty of documents to guide me through 
this endevour (CC Discovery and Analysis, UMM et al.)

> (Are you 
> telling me that I wasted two years of my life on this for nothing?)

No - we got to drink plenty of cold beer and see a hockey game.  This is 
the dream life of all Candaians ;-)  Seriously, the work done to date is 
relied upon by both UBL and UN/CEFACT CC teams.

> After last week's ebTWG meeting, it became clear that there was no 
> competing initiative within UN/CEFACT, and I would also point out that 
> UN/CEFACT rejected the initial UBL proposal to become a part of 
> UN/CEFACT. If CEFACT wanted it, why didn't they say "yes"? The OASIS 
> option was choice #2.

I have no opinion on this as I never saw the proposal.  Maybe those who 
submitted the proposal could shed some light on this?  Did Jon submit it?

> Anyway, I have a feeling that whatever the relationship between UBL and 
> UN/CEFACT needs to be, it will evolve, since there is so much overlap of 
> membership. The whole point is standardization, after all.

Agreed.  It is too early to tell for sure the degree of overlap or if 
the final work of both will even have any overlap.



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