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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] RE: OASIS Members to Develop Universal BusinessLanguage

Mike (and also Arofan, Duane),

> Is this kind of what you looking for, or do you want more dirt?
This thread hits exactly my information demands and makes me a real fan of
your forum. Thanks for the clear and picturesque explanations.

However (to further stir the dirt), it arises another question: where to
look (except in this list, of course) in order not to miss the continuation
of the story? Are there, beside the trivial answers CEFACT and OASIS, other
good digests/mailing lists on the topic? Links to publications? Parties
involved/related? Industries behind each side? The newcomer, after all,
wishes to know which standard(s) to stick to, and following the trends is

Thanks for any hints,

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