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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] RE: OASIS Members to Develop Universal Business Language

Probert, Sue wrote:

> Hi Duane
> I guess I speak for the whole ebXML UN/CEFACT core components team in
> stating that it is definitely not in the interests of future e business
> interoperability to talk of encouraging anyone to build their own core
> component library separately from the global effort.

Agreed.  I think that is also expressed in the document I pointed out
(COre Components Discovery and Analysis).  Use what exists set rather
than developing your own, don't duplicate etc.

However,  there will be situations where people feel it necessary to
build their own (or have already built them) and ebXML does allow and
support that.



Sue (et. al.),
I don't understand how a "global effort" will be able to build a set of core
components for our industry (Television/Cable Advertising).  We're going to
*have* to do this ourselves and develop our own (unless I misunderstand the
concept of a core component).  Sure, we have RFPs and Purchase Orders and
Contracts and Invoices like somebody that sells toner cartridges, but our
clients are selling "time", and that's definitely apples and oranges.
Now, we want to be ebXML/OASIS-compliant (whatever that means), and as soon
as this all settles down and I can see an example of a working set of
applications that support this standard, I'll have something to model to.

Paul Horan
Sr. Architect
Video Communications Inc.

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