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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Implementation

// This is copy-left and governed by GPL
public whatDoINeedToUnderstandToEbxmlToImplement() throws EbxmlException {
    try {
        Human sreeja = new Human();
       if ( sreeja.doesUnderstand() )
       else {
           if ( sreeja.hasReadEbxmlSpecifications() )
           else {
    } catch (EbxmlException ex) {
Dear all,
      I had already send a mail regarding the ebXML specifications.Got replies also.But as a beginner i still have so many doubts regarding the implementation of the specifications.
     As i have presumed ebXML has a commom repository .if two interested parties has to share the documents,both should be able to access the common repository  through SOAP interface.Also partner agreements will be stored in the repository.i am not clear about how to implement the standards and how the flow take place.Can anybody please help me out.
Thanks, regards

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