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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Re: change the slogan of eb???

Wonderful note.  We should change the slogan of eb??? from whatever it is to "constructive people of great talent trying hard to be fair and make e-commerce work better"
Right you are. But CPOGTTHTBFAMEWB sounds a bit clumsy. What about a small clever acronyme to be secret amongst the constructive people of great talent who have read this thread? Consider this a call for proposals ;-)
In earnest, coping with the financial matter is also essential for poorer countries, not only for single companies. I have to scramble project funds for every travel and devicing and managing projects is very time consuming, too. So I'm very much in favour of distance communication whenever possible. Are the most members of such projects living in the USA, or you have gathered experience with global networking?
- Kremena

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