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Subject: AW: [ebxml-dev] Re: [EDI-L] Announce - Latest Article on ebXML


> See http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-regrep/200101/msg00048.html.
> Needless to say, I'm not too popular with these opinions (which
> obviously were ignored, since the latest rendition of the ebXML
> Services document still contains the same mumbo-jumbo).  This is why
> Rachel and I have to sit in the corner all alone, wearing our dunce
> with gum on our noses.

This part is something which also shocked me in reading David+Alan Book
(about ebXML). The discovery and gain from registries and repositories
looks a bit overrated to me. Not because registries could deliver that
gain, but because the work which is needed to make that stuff useful
(i.e. sematic models to allow automated mapping) are far from beeing
available in science and commerce.

Besides this overall to optimistic view on ebXML (the book is mentioning
the problems and that those are solved with ebxml, but it fails to
express how :) I like that book, it is worth reading for everybody who
wants to get an overview on the broad range of problems and challenges
we are working on. On the other hand it fails a bit short on classical
EDI scenarios.

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