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Subject: [ebxml-dev] BPSS v1.01 Multiparty Collaboration Choreography

I am rather new to ebXML. Currently I am evaluating BPSS and the
following issue arised:
A <MultiPartyCollaboration> element contains <BusinessPartnerRole>
elements. These <BusinessPartnerRole> elements can contain <Transition>
elements that are used to build up a choreography across Binary
Collaborations. So far so good.
In the context of a Binary Collaboration, <Start> elements are allowed
and used to indicate the first state resp. Business Transaction Activity
of the Collaboration. But in the context of a Multiparty Collaboration
there are only <Transition> elements allowed, so how can one specify the
starting Binary Collaboration?
I found at least two postings, in the mailing-list archive dealing with
almost the same problem, but they have not been answered sufficiently.
Does anybody have an idea?

Many thanks in advance,	

Mag. Peter Hrastnik                                                
Member of Scientific Staff

EC3 - Electronic Commerce Competence Center
Donau-City-Strasse 1, A-1220 Wien
Tel: +43 1 522 71 71 - 27
Fax: +43 1 522 71 71 - 71

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