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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Off-the-shelf ebXML software packages

I am rather new to ebXML, and hence to this list. I have been doing my personal study on how the ebXML standards will manifest themselves in the market/industry. I haven't been able to find much useful stuff that shows the adoption roadmap for end-users, and how vendors will lead the way in the roadmap (most news article merely describe what ebXML is). Hence, I am hoping this list will guide me a bit.
These are my questions :
1) What is the likely adoption roadmap intended by the ebXML creators ?
Is it cheaply available, interoperable, off-the-shelf ebXML software packages, by which the users can choose during installation-time the components they want by selecting options ? or are they expensive heavy-weight "engines" that requires plenty of customization (like how BizTALK is customised for RosettaNet) ?
I suspect and hope that it is the off-the-shelf packages are more applicable to ebXML, given that it is supposed to be within SMEs' reach.
2) If off-the-shelf packages are the way to go, why haven't I be able to locate any news of impending releases, for it has been half a year since the finalisation of ebXML? Are they any releases on their way, and how soon ? At what price range too (even as cheap as <1000 USD)?
Many thanks if you can help me...
Charlie Ang

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