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Subject: [ebxml-dev] How the ebXML registry to product catalog system?

Hi all,
I am working on how the ebXML registry relates to product catalog system.
I have two ideas for this work. Could you please read my poor ideas and
give me some comments?
The ebXML registry provides the metadata of stored and maintained
object in a repository. The ebXML message services adopted SOAP make
it possible to exchange business documents over distributed environments.
As a result, I think about two way of providing product catalog information in
the ebXML registry.
The First, the product catalog also is stored and maintained registry entry object
such as CPP or Business process in a single repository without catalog database.
The Second, the product catalg information is stored in the product catalog system.
The ebXML registry maintains the information of associating CPP with product catalogs
in distributed catalog system using registry informatio model such as ExternalIdentifier
or ExternalLink. When client request product catalog of a trade partner, The ebXML
registry and the product catalog system communicate using ebXML TRP module.
Thanks in advance
Cho, Young-Hwan

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