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Subject: [ebxml-dev] how to construct and implement ebXML message

Hi all

im working on a product called Partner Agreement Manager from IBM.
in this we have created our own business process and business objects.
this has something called channels to take care of transport protocols
this has a default channel called PAM which takes host name and port no of
partner. and delivers the business object to the partner using xml messaging
Now we want to use ebXML messaging to make it standard in the industry
it supports channel development ..which gives out some default modules for 
Transform, Packaging, Transport where in we can customize to build our own
channels.these are all java programs

Now my problem is in the packaging module i have to construct a ebXML
message and send it to partner as a MIME
so what is the API i can use to construct this ebXML message and How do i
specify or where do i specify the ip address and
port number of the partner to whom i need to send messages.
i found that i can use JAXM api to construct ebXML messages ...i need to
know how to specify partners ipaddress to send it

please let me know if anybody has any suggestion

thanx and regards
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