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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML specifications interdendancies

"Context" allows Core Components to be modified or constrained.  THere
are several "Context Drivers" which are agreed upon by ebXML (reference
the core components teams' documents).  Some of these drivers are
"Geo-political" and "industry"

Since the latter two Context Drivers can only be known once all parties
to a Business Process have entered into a CPA,  the formation of the
"Context Rules Message" SHOULD happen at this time.  

I have only learned some of the deeper aspects of this by implementing
it.  There are other things that I have recommended should be done:

1.  Adding "Syntax" and "Language" to the Context Drivers

2.  Fixing the Context Rules Messsage so it is declarative rather than
containing programmatic constructs like conditional statements

3.  perhaps implementing a set of context lookups tables or code lists
and storing them in a registry.  This would likely be a lengthly and
ongoing process.

The good news is that it can be done.  The Context Rules message
formation as a by-product of binding a specific Business Process or
Collaboration to two or more CPP's is described in higher level in the
UN/CEFACT eBusiness Architecture which is being worked on by the team. 
A lot of the problems and questions only come to light by


Duane Nickull


Mike Rawlins wrote:
> Duane Nickull wrote <snipped>:
> > Also - please make sure to include Context Rules Message creation as
> > part of this process.  It is depended on by several other systems in
> > ebXML.
> >
> Please give a brief overview of the content of this message and how you expect it
> to be used.  I am not at all clear about your assertion that it is "depended on
> by several other systems in ebXML".
> --
> Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting
> www.rawlinsecconsulting.com

CTO, XML Global Technologies
Transformation - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/foundation/
ebXML Central - http://www.xmlglobal.com/prod/central/

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