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Below is a nice summary note that OMG's Richard Soley 
addressed to summit participants. You can also find an article
authored by Alan Kotok at:

Best Regards,

Chuck Allen
-----Original Message-----
From: Richard Mark Soley [mailto:soley@omg.org]
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2001 6:09 PM
To: summit participants
Subject: Follow-up to the Interoperability Summit

Dear Interoperability Summiteer,

As promised at the Summit last week, to support the continuing 
multi-organization collaboration we discussed, OMG has created as a shared 
resource a new mailing list, comprised of the union of the group that 
organized the Interoperability Summit just completed in Orlando (the 
so-called "Common Models" group), and all of the people who registered 
and/or attended the Summit.  Thank you for your interest and participation 
in the event.

Your receipt of this message is to let you know that you are on this list, 
summit-attendees@omg.org (sumatt@omg.org for short).  If you would rather 
not be on this list, by all means send a note to request@omg.org to be 
taken off and I apologize for adding to your mail traffic.

As a recap, I wanted to make the first use of this list the announcement of 
the agreement made by and between HR-XML, OASIS, OMG and XBRL during the 
summit.  Each of the organizations agreed to:

         1. telecons as necessary but at least quarterly to review 
potential overlaps
         2. semiannual Interoperability Summit events of the same 
structure, with the 2nd day focussed on different technology areas each time
         3. notify each other and the Summit community of new work items
         4. liaise with each other based on new work item announcements as 
         5. insert into each organization's process some way to ensure that 
the members look at other organizations' work

On point 2, each of the Summit events would focus on some business 
infrastructure process of interest to a wide group of organizations.  The 
second Interoperability Summit event is already scheduled for June 27-28, 
again in Orlando, at the Caribe Royale Hotel.  We intend to keep the same 
structure as this event, with the first day focussed on generic 
organization interoperability issues and the second on Procurement 
standards.  Keep an eye on http://www.omg.org/interop/ or any of the 
sponsors' web sites for further information.

The four organizations have agreed to cosponsor this upcoming event.  If 
your organization is also interested in participating, by all means please 
send a note to cm@omg.org describing your organization and interest.

More importantly, if any other organizations are willing to sign up to the 
"five step program" outlined above, I know we all (and all of our members!) 
would be delighted to hear it.  This mailing list 
(summit-attendees@omg.org) is quite appropriate for that conversation.

Thanks again for your participation in this first Intoperability Summit 
event.  Speaking for myself and OMG, we were very heartened by the real 
spirit of compromise and working together between the groups; listening to 
each other and sharing our experience is the first good result of this process.

Best regards,

         -- Richard Soley

P.S. Presentation materials that we have received have been posted to the 
agenda page for the event last week (at 
http://www.omg.org/interop/program.htm) -- if your presentation isn't there 
please send it to me!  Also, some photos from Thursday are online at 
http://www.soley.com/cgi-bin/showzip?20011206 -- corrections to the 
captions more than welcome!

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