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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Re: [ISO8601] New Date Formats.

Ian - we agree with Peter that you should use a standard coding structure like 
GYMD for dates especially for Electronic Commerce.  

E-business computer-to-computer transactions between different countries will 
be a nightmare unless a standard date format is used.

The ISO 8601 format is the only format to use when sending dates electronically. 
How the date fields are set up in the document does not matter provided the date 
is sent electronically in the ISO 8601 format but coded using a character set 
similar to that proposed by Peter NELSON

This is why we have set up an application coding structure for E-Tenders.  This 
application has at least 6 dates

The 600 year coded calendar is being developed just using A-Z rather than A-Z 
and 0-9 as can be reviewed for comment on

Peter is using a very similar code the only difference is that he has started at 
year 1080 whereas we are proposing that 1984 is the start year and that the 
cycles are either 25 years so that there are 4 in a century or 26 years for each 
letter of the alphabet rather than 30 years as a Generation. 

We are working through the table to show which day of the week each year starts

Peter has been copied in along with the UK Society of Genealogists for their 


Stephen GOULD
E-commerce Projects Co-ordinator
11:34 M 25/02/2002	Syd	2089

E:	sggould@oic.org
T:	612-9953-3583
W:	http://www.oic.org/guest.htm

On 24 Feb 02, at 23:34, g1smd@amsat.org wrote:

> [2001-Feb-24]
> Many people recognise that the current calendar schemes
> have some flaws in them, and that there are many problems
> with date and time formats used around the world. There
> are many competing schemes for new types of Date and Time
> calculation that have been proposed, and many are detailed
> on the net somewhere.
> Most people here will have seen references to various forms
> of 'Metric Time', and other schemes. It is interesting to
> note that while many of these ideas divide the day or year
> up into different sized elements to those that we are currently
> used to, most of these proposals still do not propose a
> uniform ordering of the elements in dates when presented to
> a reader.
> I found a completely new proposal that is radically
> different to any that I have seen before. This is at:
>  <http://www.gtbaddow4.freeserve.co.uk/>.
> After reading the information there, I wonder if anyone
> here will be adventurous enough to engage in a dialogue
> about ISO 8601 with the author?
> Cheers,
> Ian.

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