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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev]A question about Registry Information Model v2.0

A ClassificationScheme serves as a namespace for a set of taxonomy values. These values are often structured in some way such as a Tree
structure. See Figure 6: Example showing a Classification Tree in RIM 2.0 for an example of such structure.

The values and structure of a taxonomy may be published to and available within the registry. In such cases the ClassificationScheme is called
"Internal" classification scheme because its values and their structure resides internal to the registry. Internal ClassificationScheme use
Concept instances to define their taxonomy values and their structure.

An alternative possibility allowed by RIM 2.0 is where the ClassificationScheme is published to the registry but none of its values
or their structure is published to the registry. In such cases the values and their structure is defined in some external specification or web page.
The registry has no internal knowledge of the ClassifcationScheme's values and their structure. In such cases the ClassificationScheme is called
"External" classification scheme because its values and their structure reside external to the registry.

A Classification allows a RegistryObject to be classified using a taxonomy value within a ClassificationScheme. For example, an Organization
may be classified by the "Book Publisher" value in NAICS ClassificationScheme.

A Classification may reference the taxonomy value in one of two ways. If the ClassificationScheme is internal then it references the Concept
within the ClassificationScheme that represents the taxonomy value. If the ClassificationScheme is external then it simply contains the
String value (e.g. "Book Publishers").

A Classification that uses an internal ClassificationScheme/Concept is called an internal Classification.
A Classification that uses an external ClassificationScheme/value is called an external Classification.

Hope this was helpful. Thanks for your interest in ebXML Registry V2.0.

yxjing wrote:

> I don't understand the use of external Classification and external ClassificationScheme. Who can explain it in detail? An example will help much!
> Thanks.
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