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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Quote Negotiation

Darren - we believe there are a  number of issues to consider for electronic 
trading agreements including:

A	codes for each stage of the the negotiations before the deal
B	the internal reference numbers used by each party
C	payment for each invoice line and part-payment orders


There needs to be a process and coding structure for each stage (document) 
of a transaction:

Catalogue			C		or	A
Invitation to Quote		I			B	
Quote				Q	  		C
Order				O			D
Delivery Note			D			E
Confirm receipt		R			F
Invoice				V			G
Payment				P			H

The same information flows between each document

Product code		Number

This is what is called the information cycle

An example of how the OIC is implementing this in its projects can be reviewed 
on http://www.oic.org/guest.htm

This has been proposed to the Australian Government Treasury E-commerce 
Public Consultation


This has been a major problem for EDI - see attached e-mail


We believe that the problems of co-ordinating different internal reference numbers 
can only be addressed by moving away from the traditional practice of having 
multi-line electronic transactions document like manifests and invoice.

These become consolidated lists of an individual electronic code for each item in 
the business transaction cycle

This means electronic payment is made for each transaction.  The reason that 
this has to be carried out is the need for many organisations to keep a history 
record for many products  and track deliveries 
eg software, hardware, drugs, ship loading document etc 

The ships manifest and the invoice are just summary pages of individual 
electronic transactions


That is what we see as the major part of business process re-engineering for E-
business ie the move to individual line item tracking.

Does any one else have any thought on this ?

Stephen GOULD
ebXML Representative

E:	sggould@oic.org
W:	http://www.halisa.net/G/C/HINGCAH2.htm 

On 8 Mar 02, at 12:50, Mike Rawlins wrote:

> There are various ways in the BP modeling methodology to deal with the situation that you describe, but it doesn't seem as if that is what you are asking.  Is it?
> It seems more that you want to know specifically how to do it with messages.  If that is the case, then you can't do any of it yet with eBXML since there are as yet no standard messages for RFQ, quote, etc.  Various things are in development.  If you need
> an XML solution right now you might look at xCBL.
> Regards,
> Mike
> Darren Fehrmann wrote:
> > If a supplier, in response to a RFQ, sends a quote to a purchaser, how does the purchaser negotiate the quote with the supplier using EBXML?
> >
> > For example:
> > 1. Purchaser A sends a RFQ to Supplier B for 10 widgets to be delivered before the 15th of the month.
> > 2. Supplier B sends Purchaser A a quote for 10 widgets at $4 apiece with delivery on the 15th.
> > 3. Purchaser A would like to send a response to Supplier A indicating a willingness to make the purchase if the price can be dropped to $3.50 apiece.  The delivery date and/or quantity could be adjusted as well. How would this be performed using EBXML?
> >
> > Darren Fehrmann
> > Storefront.com
> > dfehrmann@storefront.com
> >
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