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Subject: [ebxml-dev] C++ TRP API


With regards to the recent JAXM API thread of activity:

Primarily a C/C++ programmer by trade, I am largely unfamiliar with the mass
of Java related technologies. I suspect however that it would be safe to state
that in general, the JAXM API is designed to assist in the exchange of XML
business documents between business partners. And that the ebXML aspect of
JAXM is realized as a package within the JAXM hierarchy that aims to provide a
set of classes for manipulating messages according to the ebXML Transport,
Routing & Packaging specification.

If this is true, then the JAXM package offers a convenient, albeit simple
Java interface for manipulating the underlying SOAP/ebXML message structure.

My suspicion is that that most vendors would prefer to work with such
abstractions over using an XML parser directly. With this in mind, I would
be interested to find if there is currently much demand within the community
for similar APIs offering language bindings other than Java.

The reason that this interests me in particular is that my company,
BitDaemons Ltd, uses an internal library written in C++ that is actively tested
on FreeBSD, Linux and Windows. An example of which reads remarkably similar to
that of its JAXM Java counterpart; I guess for the obvious reason that they
are designed to solve similar problems:

C++ (bdTrp) example:

	std::ofstream fio("eb.xml");

	bdTrp::MessagePackage ebxml;
	bdTrp::MessageHeaderPtr hdr(ebxml.getMessageHeaderPtr());

	bdTrp::NameResolver resolver;
	bdXml::Formatter formatter(fio, &resolver);

Java (JAXM) example:

	FileOutputStream fio = new FileOutputStream (new File("eb.xml"));
	EbXMLMessageImpl ebxml = new EbXMLMessageImpl();
	ebxml.setAction ("action");
	ebxml.setConversationId ("4125641");
	ebxml.writeTo (fio);

If anyone would be interested in obtaining such an API then perhaps they would
be kind enough to let me know; although our current resources are stretched on
the Octimal development, we would be interested in releasing these libraries
to the community sometime in the future.

We are also currently looking to enter a partnership with a third party to
assist us with services auxiliary to the core development of the Octimal product
suite. If anyone is interested in working with us, please also let me know.

Thank you for your time.
Mark Aylett
BitDaemons Ltd
tel:+44 (0)1252 326402

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