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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Schema Problem?

Hi all,

when i tried to validate the ebXML message with the schema located at
this url

it is giving the error like the 
1>   Attribute "eb:status" must be declared for element type
2> and when i give the SequenceNumber as 0 (Zero), it is saying the
value is out of range.

and also i am getting the fallowing message.

3> constraint 3.x.3: Attribute 'form' cannot appear in element

i believe, it is problem with the schema, 
if it is so, is there any alternative schema availabale for validation.
or somebody (authorized) will
change the schema which is at above location.

i am using the Xerces1.4.4 API's from Apache.
Thanks in advance

Vijay Kumar NM
Software Engineer.

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