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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] XSLT to convert data

Yes, this is definitely possible.   In fact, it is exactly what XSLT is designed
to do!  My suggestion is to obtain an XSLT editing tool such as XML Spy and
build the maps you need.  These tools will generally let you create an XSLT
using a point-and-click graphical interface to define the map between schema.
You may also be able to find XSLTs on the Web, or at least starting points for
them, to map between common XML formats.  I would start with ebxml.org or
xml.com to look for these XSLTs and tools.  Ariba may even provide some XSLTs
for cXML.

Tom Groot

Hi there,

is anyone able to tell me, if it is possible to use XSLT to convert data
from one XML schema, to another one, e.g. ebXML to cXML?

A reply is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

Mit freundlichen Gr

Florian Boehme
Consultant / Berater

SourcingContent GmbH

Karlsplatz 3
80335 Muenchen

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