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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] about cpp/a negotiation

 " We have some questions about the implementation of CPP/A. In the specification, there are no remarks for automated negotiation and configurations of CPA.  
Dale Moberg>> Marty Sachs is heading up an Oasis CPPA Negotiation subteam that has established requirements and is working
on its deliverables. He replied earlier.
 "We want to implement the ebXML CPP/A standards for defining business profiles and the conditions that allow integration between businesses. If we implement automated CPA negotiation tool, it will be provided to create a CPA from two given CPP documents.  
Dale Moberg>> As version 2.0 of  the CPPA  specification   notes  , you may arrive at a CPA by starting from CPPs or from a
CPA template. Starting from a template is generally easier, but less flexible. If you use a template, one party
supplies everything about a CPA except the other party's PartyId, partyName, PartyRef, and so on (using cppa 2.0
items). Depending on what the delivery channel is like, filling out the template can
possibly also involve supplying a certificate, certiifcateref, securitydetailsref, Endpoint information and other elements.
These might be obtained by posting a form asking for the needed elements; then by setting the
template's fields the servlet could return the agreed upon CPA. Might be the easiest way to proceed until
specifications and API efforts get completed, if you want to do it yourself.

 " Our questions are:

How can be negotiation done?  


Dale>Subscribe to oasis-ebxml-negot@lists.oasis-open.org

to follow the progress-- or browse the archive to see where the subteam is. Still several

months out.


Is CPA document itself modified or ití»s just transferred using MSH? 


Dale> Transfer by  ebxml MSH may be one transfer binding.

Other lighter weight transfer protocols are under consideration as well.

Registries may also provide support for discovery of CPA templates

or of CPPs. The negotiation process will also use a NDD document

to aid in focusing negotiation tasks. The message contents are

currently being designed, as are the flows for messages.


 " After negotiation, How can we configure CPA parameters?  


Dale> The runtime will need to have a capability to import CPAs

and then put it into its internal storage/access format(s).


 Where? Does every party have to save configuration file in ití»s own DB? 


Dale> No requirements exist on the MSH internal DB tables or how they work.

Maybe it is saved as a DOM tree, maybe relational tuples,  appropriate Beans, etc etc.


 " Are there any API for CPP/A? I came across JSR 157 ebXML CPP/A APIs for Java but ití»s not available I guess. 


Dale> JSR 157 is in progress, and targets CPPA version 2.0, which is nearing Oasis

TC review.


 " Anyone else done this and have some "shareable" resources/info.artificts that we might
be able to reuse?  


Dale> There are companies that have announced toolkits,

 and there is at least one open source project.


Thanks in advance.



Hyoung-Uk, Moon



Hyoung-Uk, Moon

B2BI Development Team

T.82-31-779-2867  F.82-31-779-2709

276-2,Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu, Seonganam-si,

Kyeonggi-do 463-775, Korea

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