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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] about cpp/a negotiation

At 09:29 AM 4/1/02, Duane Nickull wrote:
Thank you for this overview.  It is actually a lot more complicated than this and there are some missing pieces.  Attached are some Powerpoint notes that raise some of these questions.

As individual implementers and software vendors, we all ought to be asking questions and identifying gaps.  Of course, when we act as a standards body, we should probably also be equally concentrating on filling them. 

Duane, I think you first pointed out the issues with fully-automated CPA negotiation around fifteen months ago.  They are substantial, and I understand the CPPA-negotiation subteam is working on it.   But I couldn't tell from your company's slides whether you agree with the viability of the simpler "CPA template" approach or not. 

I don't think all adopters will want to wait for fully automated spontaneous generation of CPAs -- like Athena springing forth fullgrown from Zeus' forehead -- or necessarily even to support the computing overhead.   I would like to keep recommending the 'template' approach as a plausible and simpler alternative for implementers who are ramping up, albeit one with less flexibility.  Any issue with that?  JBC

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