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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebMS vs RNIF

I thought the two were converging, not competing.  See
(watch for wrap)
From the ebXML BP team's side, we viewed their work as a key model and strove to maintain strong cross-compatibility.  I had the same impression from the ebXML MSG team.

Also, judging by the structure of RN's nonprofit association and its licensing, I am not sure that they intended to support uses outside of their own electronic industry vertical.  You might check directly with RosettaNet.

Regards  Jamie Clark

At 12:47 PM 4/10/02, Lars.E.Abrell@skanova.com wrote:
we have an internal discussion regarding ebMS vs. RNIF.  If we are not using the RosettaNet PIP's (processes and documents) - is it best to use ebMS or RNIF as wire protocol?
What are the pros & cons of using ebMS (2.0) vs. RNIF (2.0)?   Does anyone have or are aware of any document comparing ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service) and RNIF (RosettaNet Implementation Framwork).
Best Regards
Lars Abrell
Telia / Skanova  

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~ Chair, ABA Business Law Subcommittee on Electronic Commerce  
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