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Subject: RE: [ebxml-dev] ebMS vs RNIF

In terms of core functionality, they are pretty close to each other i.e. both of these
protocols ...
1. support multiple transports (HTTP/S, SMTP), MIME packaging
2. define semantics and syntax for carrying over bulk of the messaging metadata such as from, to, timestamp, business process identifier,  correlation ID, description of contained business document, etc
3. support synchronous, asynchronous messaging, one-way/two-way interactions
4. support binary attachments

Where ebXML has upper hand is in ...
1. Specification defined reliable messaging (helps ensure interoperability)
2. Better technology for persistent signatures. In addition, specification includes outline of an array of  security services and various combinations in terms of profile (again helping interoperability as capabilities can be described in terms of precisely defined profiles)
3. Multi-hop messaging
4. Provisions for addressing partner agreements as part of the messages
5. Horizontal protocol, not limited to any vertical or types of business processes in terms of interaction pattern such as two-way, two-party, etc.

RNIF on the  other hand has upper hand in
1. Relatively mature - multiple vendor solutions, testing tool kits available today
2. Less optional features, easier in terms of ensuring interoperability
3. Security solutions based on commonly available, mature technologies

Hopefully the efforts are merging (there are already solid signs of progress in this direction) and if I am not wrong, the common solution will be based on ebXML Messaging.

There are quite a few vendors providing solutions for both of these, recently.
IONA has been a key participant in specification development and also early adoption in terms of providing solution, promoting interoperability, etc  for both RosettaNet and ebXML. RNIF 1.1, RNIF 2.0 and ebXML Messaging 2.0 solutions are part of IONA's offerings.

Sanjay Patil
Phone: 408 350 9619                                 http://www.iona.com

-----Original Message-----
From: Lars.E.Abrell@skanova.com [mailto:Lars.E.Abrell@skanova.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 10, 2002 12:47 PM
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebMS vs RNIF

we have an internal discussion regarding ebMS vs. RNIF.

If we are not using the RosettaNet PIP's (processes and documents) - is it best to use ebMS or RNIF as wire protocol? 

What are the pros & cons of using ebMS (2.0) vs. RNIF (2.0)? 

Does anyone have or are aware of any document comparing ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service) and RNIF (RosettaNet Implementation Framwork). 

Best Regards

> Lars Abrell
> Telia / Skanova                    

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