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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Anyone else rather perturbed by IBM's recentannouncement....

I can't comment on the validity of IBM's claims.  However, I do know 
that when IBM's tpaML work was brought into ebXML, representations were 
made to the ebXML steering committee that IBM was signing all rights to 
tpaML over to ebXML.  Obviously, some details needed to be worked out 
since ebXML never formally existed as a legal entity.  The rights would 
have to have been assigned to one or both of the two sponsoring 
organizations - UN/CEFACT or OASIS.

Had we on the steering committee known that tpaML might somehow be 
encumbered, I feel fairly confident that we would have voted against 
accepting the submission.

This makes you wonder where we really stand in regard to the MSS use of 
SOAP with attachments.  I recall some mention of RAND terms, but don't 
recall how it finally came out.  Can anyone clarify?

This news is really disappointing.  If ebXML is going to fail, I would 
much rather see it do so on its own deficiencies rather than 
intellectual property issues.


Norman Richards wrote:

>>IBM has a patent covering electronic agreements which dates from before the
>>ebXML CPA work started.  We disclosed it recently in accordance with OASIS
>>policy which is "reasonable and nondiscriminatory licensing" (RAND).
>  This is quite disturbing.  I had no idea OASIS permitted patent abuse in it's
>process.  This could seriously harm the adoption of ebXML.  
>  Can anyone comment on the validity of IBM's claim? 
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Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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