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Subject: [ebxml-dev] [Fwd: RE: [EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components -postedfor Melanie McCarthy, GM]

Posted at the request of the original author.  Please forgive the 
duplicate if you've already seen this.

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Subject: RE: [EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components -posted for 
Melanie McCarthy, GM
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 11:37:13 -0700
Thread-Topic: [EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components
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Many things are easier said than done and I am learning that some of the most challenging concepts are SIMPLE, REUSEABLE and CONSISTENT- particularly when there are preconceptions on what/ how these term apply.

To reminisce down standards "memory lane" the EDI world did attempt to meet the needs of all within a defined business document.  Though I would not have called it the "kitchen sink" approach, I agree that the problem was that the definitions were, at times, unclean and riddled with semantics that often caused problems with reuse.  

Then came XML, a new syntax, which also had the potential of exchanging trading partner messaging.  But more importantly it created the awareness that as technology continues to evolve there will most likely be other syntaxes.  So the value proposition created by Core Components, created independently from syntax, grew exponentially.

EbXML began by stating that they would deliver templates (not core components) that if implemented, would create an ideal solution.  The issue that we are now facing is the transition from today's messaging (regardless of the syntax) to the envisioned state.  The fact that the road is difficult does not imply that the original concepts should be discarded, or rushed, for the sake of speed.  If we take either of those steps, the result will be just another vocabulary of terms.  

Where I disagree with Mike Rawlins article is the supposition that the work is moving slowly and/or will ultimately be discarded.  When I attended the March EWG meeting in Barcelona I saw the draft results of six different global organizations' work with ebXML Business Processes and/or Core Components as well as progressing the work that I chair on eBTWG Core Components Supplemental Documents (CCSD).  I also have heard about many other similar efforts where the participants are very positive about the results.   But I agree everyone is longing for the Catalog of Core Components (I think there are nights that I lust for it!).  The hesitation has been driven by the need to do things correctly, and only through multiple trials will there be confidence in exactly what and how should information be presented.  For example, I am as concerned that the Core Components will be so "generic" that there will not be enough substance to be of value to implementers or not enough definition to insure consistency throughout the process.  But we have one opportunity to publish the information correctly, because this information is the foundation that everything  else will be built upon.  So the real solution is premium participation/involvement to assist in expediting this work.  The detailed discussions are thought provoking and require both innovative thinkers as well as detailed executioners to meld the brightest and best concepts from both worlds of thought.  So I would implore additional participation in all of the continuing work, though the following website www.ebtwg.org.  

In conclusion, I believe UN/CEFACT has an interim role to lead all us of to the ultimate simple, reusable low cost solution that ebXML promised to deliver.  It seems like we are transitioning through a curve where the last steps are the steepest and most difficult to accomplish.  It is similar to what I imagine climbing Mt. Everest would be, the last day of the climb in the toughest.  But when you arrive at the top, there are two results: everyone knows that you have made it and on a personal level there is a feeling of tremendous accomplishment.  Each of you has the opportunity to join the expedition in the final trench to the top!

Melanie McCarthy, GM


End 2 Anywhere

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 -----Original Message-----
From: 	Mike Rawlins [mailto:mike@rawlinsecconsulting.com] 
Sent:	Tuesday, April 16, 2002 3:45 PM
To:	edi-l; ebxml-dev; XML/EDI
Subject:	[EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components

I've just posted the next to last article in my series on ebXML - A 
Critical Analysis.  You may find "ebXML Core Components - the master 
data dictionary?" at the URL below.

Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting

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