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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML vs. UDDI

"ZILBER,LEONID (HP-NewJersey,ex1)" wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I read an article about ebXML and the article mentioned that ebXML should be
> used together with UDDI. Unfortunately, it didn't provide more information
> about how two services could possibly be used together.

Look for "Using UDDI to find ebXML Registry/Repository"
in http://ebxml.org/specs/index.htm#reference_materials.

Basically what is being suggested in the above document is
to use UDDI as white or yellow page for finding ebXML 

> Does anyone know where can I get more information regarding UDDI vs. ebXML?

ebXML reg/rep has the following features that UDDI does not.

-it is both registry and repository
-it can let users to save user-defined data types
-it supports much richer information model (i.e.
-it supports much richer registry operations (grouping,
associating, etc.)
-it uses ebXML Message Service which support reliable and
 secure message delivery
-it supports much more sophiscated query model such as
filtered query
-it supports both asynchronous and synchronous model
-it supports lifecycle management of registry objects

Sang Shin                       sang.shin@sun.com
Strategic Market Development    (781) 442-0531(Work) 
Sun Microsystems, Inc.          (781) 993-1136(Fax)


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