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Subject: [ebxml-dev] where can we get next Party's MSH adress in MultiHOP

Can ne of you just tell, where can we get the Next Party adress while Transmitting the message in Multi-Hop.

According to the spec of ebXML MS version 2.0, it is said that Next party address will be mentioned as a value of SOAP actor attribute.

But the question is where shall we get the Next MSH address?

According to the spec,

Suppose if 2 parties Party A and Party D agree to trade, and the intermediary services may be provided by the PartyB ,Party C and Patry Z.

Now my question is wether Party A and Party D will be aware of Party B , Party C and Party Z participation in the message transmission of Multi-Hop.

If Party A knows only Party B address (FirstHop), and Party B knows Party C (Second Hop)adress ......, which party will know the ultimate (address)Party D address.

Can any body expalin in detail..........



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