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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Distributive Directories ?

Never mind, serves me right for being too lazy to do a Google search.
Here is the URL.  I wonder how many apply to ebXML? ;^)


At Monday, 22 April 2002, Mike Rawlins <mike@rawlinsecconsulting.
com> wrote:

>At Monday, 22 April 2002, Andrzej Jan Taramina <andrzej@chaeron.com> 
>wrote <snipped>:
>>In fact, the 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing will make widely 
>>directories rather problematic.
>Interesting - I've never heard a reference to these.  Do you mind 
>posting them or a pointer?
>Michael C. Rawlins
>Rawlins EC Consulting
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Michael C. Rawlins
Rawlins EC Consulting

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