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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] Distributive Directories ?

> That list looks like it is a decade old.

Those that do not recognize history are doomed to repeat it.

I have recently seen many a programmer, using higher level API's that hide the 
"plumbing", forget the fallacies and write non-performing and non-scalable 
applications.  It's my prediction that as Web Services proliferate (and ebXMLas well 
to some degree since it is built on top of the Web Services stack), we will see the 
fallacies again, or at least the symptoms of ignoring them.  Especially as the vendors 
hide the details of the remote accesses in higher level tools and hordes of junior 
developers do indiscriminate remote RPC calls.

Microsoft is like to exacerbate this situation, since they are attempting to move the 
VB community to a new development paradigm using .NET tools.

Does this mean that there won't be distributed directories that can perform?  Of 
course not.  Most of the work being done on distributed directories is by people that 
learned the "fallacies" a long time ago.  Technology won't be an issue in that 
space...though human nature might be, at least for a number of years.

> Maybe if we could also have the related statement that the world is flat
> and if you sail too far out to sea then you'll fall off the end of the
> world, I think we'd have a matching set.

If ignorance is bliss then you must be in an ecstatic state all the time, David.


Chaeron Corporation

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