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Subject: Re: AW: [ebxml-dev] RE: [EDI-L] Article on ebXML Core Components ...

From: Rachel Foerster
> Your points are good ones. But the concept of seeking complexity is
> worthwhile exploring. My experience and observation in many things,
and not
> just software, is that if you start out with a very simple tool
without much
> complexity, make it a very useful tool that truly solves a problem,
> over time the user who gets hooked on the very simple tool with ask
for and
> use more complexity that's built on the simple tool they use and like.

Just send orders by email.

I'm very happy with simple tools
if they actually solve my problem.
So then it depends on what problem
I need to solve, which was my point.

I'm not sure what the sweet spot for ebXML
adoption will turn out to be.  I'm sure it is
less than the full feature set, but suspect
fire-and-forget is a little less than the sweet

QuickBooks to QuickBooks would be a killer,
but I thought Intuit was working on it with their own
proprietary scheme. No?

-Bob Haugen

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